There’s No Denying It! from Pinchus Gutter.

“Mark, there is no denying it! The Holocaust was real! I know! Because after we disembarked from the cattle car, my mother, my father and my twin sister, Sabina, were sent immediately to the death chamber – they were gassed!”

The Claims Conference has been posting videos across our social media platforms from Holocaust survivors imploring Mark Zuckerberg to remove Holocaust denial from Facebook. Today, Pinchas Gutter, a survivor of Majdanek, a concentration camp where tens of thousands of Jews were murdered either upon arrival, like Pinchas’ family, or when they were no longer useful in performing labor, explains to Mark Zuckerberg why he, as a human being, must remove Holocaust denial from Facebook. There is #NoDenyingIt – Pinchas is a witness.

Holocaust denial is hate speech, and, in accordance with Facebook’s own community guidelines, these survivors are insisting Mark Zuckerberg remove the posts that deny one of largest human tragedies in the HISTORY of mankind.