Take Action to Mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

This Saturday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. As Survivors of the Shoah, there is not a day that goes by that we do not think of the loved ones we lost.

Antisemitism is on the rise around the world. It is more important than ever that the horrors of the Holocaust remain present in the public consciousness so they are never repeated. As painful as it is for us to look back at this terrible period in history, it’s nevertheless something we must all do if we hope to prevent further genocide.

As Survivors, we have strived to honour the memory of our loved ones by sharing our stories. Through the Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants (CJHSD), we have advocated on behalf of Jewish Holocaust Survivors with a unified voice. Now it’s your turn to take action.

Last year, we asked you to participate in the #WeRemember campaign, which reached millions of people around the world. With your participation, it became the largest Holocaust remembrance event in history. We ask you once again: will you join the hundreds of thousands who have already participated in this year’s campaign?

Joining the campaign is easy. Simply take a photo of yourself or a group holding a sign that says “We Remember” and post it to social media with the hashtag #WeRemember. Through mass online action, we can teach the world that fighting antisemitism today demands remembering the lessons of the Holocaust.

But we must also fight for justice for Survivors and their families who continue to be denied restitution. It is shameful that, despite legitimate claims to property stolen from their families by Nazis and their collaborators, countless Survivors live in poverty today.

Our Survivor community is aging and can wait no longer for restitution, either return of property or compensation. Will you join us in speaking up? Take action by emailing the Polish Embassy in Ottawa. Tell the Ambassador that Poland’s proposed law on restitution – which would exclude most Survivors and their heirs – is shameful and unjust.

Let’s make this International Holocaust Remembrance Day about taking action. We must pass the torch of remembrance to the next generation. We must ensure justice for Holocaust Survivors. Through these actions, we can bring to life our collective vow: Never Again.


Hank Rosenbaum
Co-President, Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants (CJHSD)

Sidney Zoltak
Co-President, Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants (CJHSD)